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At Modern Workplace we come from a variety of backgrounds. With decades of experience as thought leaders, visionaries, designers, architects, and more; we bring a wide variety of experience and knowledge to the project that is your digital transformation. We start from a position of looking at your business, your needs, and where technology can help to transform your business safely, securely, and efficiently.


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Friday, August 31, 2018

Digital Transformation is more than just buying a new software package

Author: Mike Oliver

The term modern workplace is frequently used once an organization introduces new products or software and sometimes called Digital Transformation or just Modernization. However, transforming into a modern workplace requires much more than a new software package. Like most Enterprise Architecture efforts, it is not something you buy it is an approach and a way of thinking.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Why try to re-invent the wheel? Did you know there are already best practices for Digital Transformation?

Author: Mike Oliver

If you accept the basic premise of the Modern Workplace being better for your organization because it improves the effectiveness and productivity of your workforce, then you should also consider the impact of such a transition. The TOGAF Architecture Development Method we outline here is the BEST way to ensure your goals are met in the most expedient and efficient way possible.